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Get the most efficient and reproducible output from low sample input. Our products are designed for sequencing analysis of DNA in whole genome, whole exome, epigenetics, or amplicon applications. Swift technologies help to accelerate workflow, improve uniformity, reduce library bias, and diminish coverage gaps.

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"The Accel-NGS 2S Plus Kit generates good ChIP-seq data, even with less than 50 pg ChIP DNA." - Chang Lu, PhD, Virginia Tech

Accel-NGS® 2S Plus DNA Library Kit

The Accel-NGS 2S Plus DNA Library Kit, designed for Illumina platforms, utilizes a proprietary adapter attachment chemistry which minimizes bias and supports inputs as low as 10 pg. The Accel-NGS 2S Plus kit offers exceptional performance for a broad range of applications pertaining to whole genome sequencing of limiting more »

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Endometrial Cancer Mutations Are Detectable in Uterine Lavage Fluid Before a Cancer Is Diagnosed

Posted January 3, 2017

NEW YORK, NY – December 27, 2016 /Press Release/ – Mutations that have been linked to endometrial cancer can be found in the uterine lavage fluid of pre- and post-menopausal women both with and without detectable cancer, according to a study published in PLOS Medicine by John Martignetti, MD, PhD of… more »

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