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Get the most efficient and reproducible output from low sample input. Our products are designed for sequencing analysis of DNA in whole genome, whole exome, epigenetics, or amplicon applications. Swift technologies help to accelerate workflow, improve uniformity, reduce library bias, and diminish coverage gaps.

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"This indicates that A-LA [Accel-NGS 1S Plus] would be the library preparation method of choice when targeting both ssDNA and dsDNA viruses in surveys of natural communities." - Roux et al. (2016), PeerJ 4:e2777

Accel-NGS® Adaptase™ Module

The Accel-NGS Adaptase Module constructs NGS libraries from bisulfite-converted, single-stranded DNA from single cells. Because bisulfite treatment results in lower quantity and quality DNA, the module is optimized to maximize the recovery of DNA containing uracil residues and low concentrations of AT-rich template. The resultant libraries consistently exhibit superior complexity with reduced composition… more »

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Swift Announces the Highest Throughput Single-Cell Methyl-Seq Library Preparation Method

Posted August 10, 2017

Study published in Science magazine demonstrates how epigenetic markers can identify cell subtypes and regulatory elements that drive cellular diversity (ANN ARBOR, Mich. – August 10, 2017) Swift Biosciences, a leading provider of innovative library prep solutions for next-generation sequencing (NGS), today announced the launch of a new single-cell methylation sequencing method based on its Accel-NGS® more »

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