Accel-Amplicon® 56G Oncology Panel v2

All-in-One Oncology Panel with Sample Identification

Accel Amplicon 56G Oncology product photo

The Accel-Amplicon 56G Oncology Panel v2 offers comprehensive and hotspot coverage of 56 clinically-relevant oncology-related genes. This panel utilizes a 263-amplicon design, covering over 16,000 COSMIC mutations, to generate targeted libraries compatible with Illumina sequencing platforms and now includes 104 exonic and gender Sample_ID amplicons spiked in at a low percentage (2-4% of reads) for tracking tumor-normal pairs and samples in longitudinal studies.

The Accel-Amplicon 56G Oncology Panel v2 is compatible with short DNA fragments from both FFPE and cfDNA samples, and is well-suited for detection of clinically-relevant allele variants in DNA from circulating tumor cells (CTCs). This product is a complete kit that includes all components necessary for generating ready-to-sequence libraries, including primer pairs and indexed sequencing adapters.