Accel-NGS® 1S DNA Library Kits

NGS DNA Library Construction from Samples with Limiting Amounts of Degraded DNA

The Accel-NGS 1S DNA Library Kits enable users to make libraries from the impossible. Libraries can be made from precious, damaged and degraded samples by using Swift’s Adaptase™ technology. Unlike other library methods, the Adaptase technology can generate library molecules from single-stranded DNA fragments, which allow researchers to recover more of their input DNA from difficult and rare samples compared to other commercially-available products-for Ilumina® NGS Platforms

The Accel-NGS 1S Library Kits will yield libraries in 2 hours from as little as 10 pg of input and fragments as short as 40 bp. The kits work with precious and difficult-to-use samples, such as single-stranded DNA, heat-denatured pathogenic samples (microbial DNA), viral DNA, first-strand cDNA, ancient DNA, ChIP-Seq, and degraded DNA from FFPE samples. Accel-NGS 1S Library Kits are the best choice for users needing to sequence treasured or difficult-to-process samples, which cannot be sequenced by other methods. Expand your research by processing precious, damaged and degraded samples on either the Illumina® or Ion Torrent™ NGS platforms.


Accel-NGS 1S Plus DNA Library Kits

DNA Library Preparation of Difficult Samples 

Rescue valuable sequencing data from precious samples

Accel-NGS DNA Library Kit for Ion Torrent™

DNA Library Preparation for NGS on Ion Torrent Platforms

Save time with a simple, 2-hour prep for Ion Torrent

“We choose the Swift 1S kit for construction of sequencing libraries when available sample is low, the quality is uncertain, or when we want to capture single stranded as well as double stranded DNA. We have found the kit easy to use with well labeled components and a straightforward protocol. We find that libraries rarely fail with this kit even when starting material is highly degraded. The availability of unique dual indexes is also key to allow sequencing on any available Illumina platform. With regards the samples from the NASA Twins study, we were most interested in being able to detect single-stranded DNA viruses as well as all other organisms as part of our shotgun metagenome sequencing project, and this drove the decision to use the Swift 1S kit.”

Stefan J Green, Ph.D. Director, Sequencing Core, Associate Director, RRC and
Kevin Kunstman, MS Assistant Director Sequencing Core, University of Illinois at Chicago

“I would like to give a summary that we tried to use a competitor’s kit first for our project but it ended up that we needed to do 17 PCR cycles to achieve the concentration of libraries that we needed. But what that meant was that there would be increased duplication rate when we did next-generation sequencing. With your Swift 1S we only needed to do 4-5 PCR cycles and our duplication rate was 7-13% when using HiSeq4000 for deep sequencing. We were interested in both ssDNA and dsDNA. We are happy with your product.”

Premi Haynes Ph.D.
Senior Fellow in the Laboratory of Dr. Daniel Miller
University of Washington

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