Accel-NGS® 2S PCR-Free DNA Library Kit

PCR-free NGS Prep with Low Input Capability

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Swift Accel-NGS 2S

Eliminate Sequencing Bias from Polymerase with PCR-Free Preps

The Accel-NGS 2S PCR-Free DNA Library Kit, designed for Illumina platforms, enables preparation for high complexity NGS libraries from double-stranded DNA. PCR-free libraries can be made with unbiased coverage from cfDNA inputs as low as 10 ng and sheared DNA as low as 100 ng. The Accel-NGS 2S PCR-Free Kit offers greater than 90% conversion efficiency for applications pertaining to whole genome sequencing of relatively less damaged samples such as liquid biopsy and cfDNA. This technology delivers the following features and benefits:


  • PCR-free libraries from 10 ng cfDNA and 100 ng sheared DNA inputs
  • Sequential repair steps
  • Optional library amplification with self-selected polymerase
  • Superior library complexity
  • No adapter titration or heat steps involved


  • No base composition bias from AT-/GC-rich genomes
  • Excellent library preparation efficiency
  • Easily adaptable with other polymerase products
  • Generates more unique library molecules
  • Readily automatable

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