Accel-NGS® Methyl-Seq DNA Library Kit

Low-input Methylation Sequencing

Accel NGS Methyl Seq product photo

The Accel-NGS Methyl-Seq DNA Library Kit maximizes DNA recovery of bisulfite-converted samples, to support inputs down to single cell. The kit provides the most comprehensive, uniform coverage of the methylome to support whole genome and targeted sequencing.  The Accel-NGS Methyl-Seq Kit is also compatible with bisulfite-converted DNA samples enriched by ChIP or other methods as well as ancient DNA samples that may be deaminated.

Systematic evaluation of library preparation methods and sequencing platforms for high-throughput whole genome bisulfite sequencing

Whole genome bisulfite sequencing (WGBS), with its ability to interrogate methylation status at single CpG site resolution epigenome-wide, is a powerful technique for use in molecular experiments. Here, we aim to advance strategies for accurate and efficient WGBS for application in future large-scale epidemiological studies. more »

“We have been using Swift’s Accel NGS Methyl-Seq DNA Library kit since 2017. It is our go-to kit to determine the methylation status of circulating cell-free DNA at the genome level. The Swift Methyl-Seq kit has consistently produced high-quality libraries for our technically challenging whole genome bisulfite sequencing. We are confident in the complexity and yield, with steady reliable performance that exceeds our stringent quality metrics for our lab and our global collaborators. I highly recommend this kit to anyone performing methylation sequencing. It is a great assay and more people should know about it!”
-Renowned Philadelphia Institution


  • Best sample representation
  • Low bias library preparation
  • Simple, 2-hour protocol
  • Inputs from 100 pg to 100 ng