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Automation Abilities for Multi-Batch Processing

Swift Biosciences acknowledges the need to increase throughput while minimizing variability and errors by employing a team of highly technical automation specialists.  Our automation team will become an extension of your team, customize your protocol and workflow to deliver high quality, cost effective and consistently reproducible results.


Benefits of Automation:

  • Enables High-Throughput of samples
  • Increases efficiency of laboratory workflows
  • Consistency in execution
    • Reduce / Remove the amount of human error
  • Effectively reduces user “hands-on time”

Your Automation Experience

What your project will look like

  • Swift FAS will conduct a pre-visit consultation call or meeting
  • Necessary materials will be sourced and shipped
  • Swift FAS will meet on site at your laboratory
  • Protocol, Script Writing, Verification, Custom Barcoding Strategies, QC
  • Each protocol will be verified with Swift control samples and chemistry
  • Reagents can be custom packaged in the labware of your choice

Methods implemented up to this point:

Instruments that currently run Swift kits:

  • Opentrons
  • Biomek Legacy series
  • Biomek i-series
  • Hamilton STAR
  • Hamilton STARlet
  • Agilent Bravo
  • Eppendorf epMotion
  • Perkin Elmer Sciclone

More platforms and methods to be added soon. Check back for updates!

This service is provided free of charge to Swift Customers.


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