Swift Biosciences products are automation-friendly and can be adapted onto your fully-automated or semi-automated platforms of choice.

Benefits of Automation:

  • Enables High-Throughput of samples
  • Increases efficiency of laboratory workflows
  • Consistency in execution
    • Reduce / Remove the amount of human error
  • Effectively reduces user “hands-on time”

What to Expect – At a Glance

Swift Biosciences Automation Expectations and Process

Methods implemented up to this point:

Instruments that currently run Swift kits:

  • Biomek Legacy series
  • Biomek i-series
  • Hamilton STAR
  • Hamilton STARlet
  • Agilent Bravo
  • Eppendorf epMotion
  • Perkin Elmer Sciclone

More platforms and methods to be added soon. Check back for updates!

This service is provided free of charge to Swift Customers.


Toll-Free: 844-867-7028