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Analyze complex NGS data faster and easier using Swift Bioinformatics Resources

NGS laboratories need better, faster tools to analyze large amounts of sequencing data.  With advancements in throughput, speed and breadth of applications, it’s critical to have a wide range of tools to accommodate your needs and expertise.

Swift is building a community of tools and commercial partners to simplify data analysis.  Starting with targeted gene sequencing, we’re enabling solutions whether you prefer open- source tools or plug-and-play commercial solutions.

A host of bioinformatics resources are available to help with data analysis for Accel-Amplicon and Accel-Amplicon Plus Cancer Panels. Please review the following Selection Guide to determine the best bioinformatics approach for your application.

Bioinformatics Resource Library for Accel-Amplicon™ and Accel-Amplicon Plus™ Panels

Primerclip vs. Cloud-Based Analysis decision tree

Sequencing data generated from Accel-Amplicon Panels can be analyzed using various publicly available tools. It is important to note that these panels are comprised of overlapping (tiled) amplicons, which provide continuous coverage of regions of interest in a single-tube format. This unique capability enables interrogation of clinically-relevant variants in compromised and dilute samples such as FFPE and cfDNA. As a result of our library preparation process, synthetic primer sequences will be present in the sequenced reads, and these primer sequences must be bioinformatically trimmed from overlapping amplicon reads to ensure accurate variant calling. Primers can be trimmed with a Swift open-source primer trimming tool called Primerclip. For more information, please consult our Technical Note.

Please visit Github to download Primerclip.

”We were really satisfied with the speed and availability of the entire bioinformatics team at Swift Biosciences. Despite the thousands of kilometers that separate us, they are always there in case of question or for punctual help. Working with them was a real pleasure.”

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Primerclip™: A Tool for Trimming Primer Sequences



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