Swift Biosciences and LGC Partner on Targeted Sequencing Assays for AgBio Market

(ANN ARBOR, Mich. – February 24, 2020) Swift Biosciences, Inc., a leader in commercialization of DNA and RNA library preparation kits for Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), today announced a partnership agreement with LGC, Biosearch Technologies, a global leader in specialty genomic analysis tools to leverage Swift’s targeted sequencing technology into LGC Biosearch Techologies kits and service offerings for the worldwide AgBio market.

Under this arrangement, LGC will be Swift’s exclusive worldwide partner for amplicon-based targeted […]

Helix Selects Swift Biosciences to Power Exome+™ Assay with Swift 2S™ Turbo DNA Library System

(ANN ARBOR, Mich. – February 4, 2020) Swift Biosciences, Inc (“Swift”) and Helix OpCo, LLC (“Helix”) today announced a Partnership Agreement to leverage Swift’s 2S Turbo DNA library preparation for Helix’s Exome+™ assay. Helix, a population genomics company, uses the Exome+™ assay to power population health programs focused on accelerating the integration of genomics into clinical care and facilitating novel genetic discovery.

Swift 2S™ Turbo launched in the summer of 2018 and was Swift’s […]

Swift Biosciences and Opentrons Partner to Provide a Turnkey Automated NGS Library Preparation Workflow

(ANN ARBOR, Mich. – January 27, 2020) Swift Biosciences, Inc (“Swift”) and Opentrons Labworks, Inc. (“Opentrons”) today at the SLAS2020 conference announce their partnership to leverage Swift’s efficient NGS library preparation kits on Opentrons’ open-source automation platform.

This partnership launches pre-scripted automation protocols for preparing DNA libraries using Swift 2S™ Turbo DNA Library Kits on Opentrons’ OT-2 liquid handler with the goal to expand into RNA and targeted sequencing workflows.

Swift 2S Turbo provides reproducible […]

Swift Biosciences Partners with MGI for High Throughput Genomic Sequencing

(ANN ARBOR, Mich. – January 14, 2020) Swift Biosciences, Inc. (“Swift”), a leader in design and manufacturing of unique DNA and RNA library preparation and normalization kits for Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), and MGI Tech Co., Ltd. (MGI), a subsidiary of BGI Group, today announced a co-marketing agreement for Swift’s DNA and RNA library preparation products in Europe and Asia Pacific markets.

With this agreement, Swift and MGI will work to enable Swift’s library preparation […]

Swift Biosciences, Inc. Welcomes Steven Riedmuller to its Executive Team

Swift Biosciences, Inc. Welcomes Steven Riedmuller to its Executive Team

(Ann Arbor, MI October 15, 2019) Swift Biosciences, Inc, a leader in library preparation for Next-Generation Sequencing announces the addition of Steven Riedmuller to its leadership team, as Director of Field Application Services. Steven is uniquely suited to spearhead the FAS division with his experience and leadership at Maxygen, Synthetic Genomics, Hudson Robotics and TIGR. While at Synthetic Genomics, Hudson Robotic and TIGR Steve […]

  • Swift Single-Cell Methylation Profiling webinar

Single-Cell Methylation Profiling Webinar

Single-Cell Methylation Profiling of Pediatric Tumors via a Unique NGS-based Approach

This webinar will illustrate how single-cell methylation sequencing can be applied to gain significant insight into epigenetic heterogeneity in disease states, advancing cancer research discoveries.

Our speaker, Jennifer Flournoy of Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, discusses a single-cell methylation approach from Swift Bioscience that her team is using to study pediatric leukemia and […]

  • Swift RNA library kit

Swift Biosciences Improves Speed and Costs of RNA-Seq with Swift RNA Library Kits

(ANN ARBOR, Mich. – September 4, 2019) Swift Biosciences announced the launch of its Swift RNA Library Kits today. Leveraging the company’s innovative and patented Adaptase® technology, the Swift RNA Library Kits allow direct conversion of first-strand complementary DNA (cDNA), reverse transcribed from RNA, into high-quality libraries for Illumina® sequencing. Swift is entering the RNA-Seq market with two kits, the Swift RNA Library Kit which supports a broad input range and demonstrates superior data […]

  • saphetor

Saphetor SA and Swift Biosciences announce partnership to standardize and accelerate data interpretation for targeted NGS panels

Lausanne, June 12th, 2019

Saphetor SA, a Swiss precision medicine company and the creator of VarSome, a suite of bioinformatics solutions, announced today a partnership with Swift Biosciences Inc., a Michigan company based in Ann Arbor, USA, offering a set of differentiated next-generation sequencing (NGS) products and technologies for genomics, translational, and clinical research applications.

Saphetor’s VarSome Clinical, a clinically-certified cloud-based platform empowering fast and accurate variant discovery, annotation, and interpretation of NGS data is now […]

  • NASA genomic twin study

The NASA Twins Study

What to expect after a year in space.

Space is the final frontier for understanding how extreme environments affect human physiology. Following twin astronauts, one of which spent a year-long mission on the International Space Station, Garrett-Bakelman et al. examined molecular and physiological traits that may be affected by time in space (see the Perspective by Löbrich and Jeggo). Sequencing the components of whole blood revealed that the length of telomeres, which is […]

Swift Biosciences Launches Swift Hybridization Capture Kits for Targeted Sequencing of Human Exome, Pan-Cancer and Inherited Diseases

(ANN ARBOR, Mich. – March 26, 2019) Swift Biosciences today announced the launch of its Swift Hybridization Capture Kits, enabling enrichment and sequencing of the human exome or subsets of disease-related genes involved in cancer and inherited diseases. Swift Hybridization Capture Kits save sequencing costs by targeting only genes of interest using a 4-hour capture, while delivering the breadth and depth of coverage required for comprehensive yet sensitive genomic profiling.

This product includes gene-specific capture […]

  • 16S Swift Amplicon + ITS panel

Swift Biosciences Launches Swift Amplicon 16S+ITS Panel

Answering Long-Awaited Need for Comprehensive, Rapid Coverage of Metagenomic Sequences by NGS

(ANN ARBOR, Mich. – January 16, 2019) Swift Biosciences today announced the launch of its Swift Amplicon 16S+ITS Panel, facilitating routine NGS analysis of complex microbial samples (e.g. bacteria, archaea, fungi) using a single, multiplexed primer pool targeting the 16S rRNA gene (all variable regions, V1-V9) and ITS1 and ITS2 for fungi. With a comprehensive yet targeted library […]