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Endometrial Cancer Mutations Are Detectable in Uterine Lavage Fluid Before a Cancer Is Diagnosed

NEW YORK, NY – December 27, 2016 /Press Release/ – Mutations that have been linked to endometrial cancer can be found in the uterine lavage fluid of pre- and post-menopausal women both with and without detectable cancer, according to a study published in PLOS Medicine by John Martignetti, MD, PhD of the Icahn School of Medicine
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View Swift Biosciences Corporate Workshops from AMP 2016

Ann Arbor, MI, December 7, 2016 – Swift Biosciences held two highly regarded Corporate Workshops at the AMP 2016 Annual Meeting (Nov 9, 2016, Charlotte, NC) highlighting the use of NGS technologies for FFPE and liquid biopsy samples. Industry-leading speakers presented on Swift’s behalf. View all presentations. Maximizing the Potential of FFPE Samples with Targeted NGS
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Swift Biosciences and Fluxion Biosciences Announce Jointly Developed NGS Workflow for Somatic Mutation Detection from Liquid Biopsy Samples

South San Francisco, CA and Ann Arbor, MI, October 27, 2016 – In advance of the 2016 American Molecular Pathology (AMP) meeting, Swift Biosciences, Inc. and Fluxion Biosciences, Inc. announced a key advancement in cancer sequencing—improving the sensitivity to detect mutations at very low frequencies using low input samples. This advancement will help enable the
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Menarini-Silicon Biosystems and Swift Biosciences Announce Collaboration to Offer Customized NGS Technologies for Tumor Cell Analysis

Products Optimized for Targeted Resequencing and Exome Sequencing of FFPE Cells BOLOGNA, Italy, October 25, 2016 – Menarini-Silicon Biosystems Inc., a developer and manufacturer of technologies and products that help uncover the biological complexities of dis­ease at the single-cell level, and Swift Biosciences, Inc., a developer of innovative technologies for sample preparation for next-generation sequencing
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Active Motif and Swift Biosciences Partner to Develop Advancements in Epigenetics

Ann Arbor, MI and Carlsbad, CA, September 28, 2016 — Epigenetics-based research tools company Active Motif, Inc. today announced it has entered into a technology development partnership with Swift Biosciences, a leader in sample and library preparation for next generation sequencing (NGS). The two companies have partnered to deliver technical advancements in ChIP-Seq workflow, a foundation
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Swift Biosciences and TATAA Biocenter Announce Strategic Partnership to Distribute NGS Products in Europe

Ann Arbor, MI and Goteborg, Sweden, March 9, 2016 — Swift Biosciences, a U.S-based company specializing in sample preparation for next generation sequencing (NGS), announces their partnership with TATAA Biocenter, the world´s foremost organizer of hands-on training in molecular diagnostics and Europe´s leading provider of genomic services. This strategic partnership will expand both Swift’s and TATAA’s
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Silicon Biosystems Menarini, Swift Biosciences Announce Collaboration and Co-Marketing Partnership to Unlock Genomic Information from FFPE Samples

Orlando, FL, February 10, 2016 — Silicon Biosystems Menarini Inc., a developer and manufacturer of technologies and products that help uncover the biological complexities of disease at the single-cell level, and Swift Biosciences Inc., a developer of innovative tech­nologies for genomics research, today announced a scientific collaboration and co-marketing partnership aimed at enabling translational researchers to obtain
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Sophia Genetics Partners with Swift Biosciences to Offer MDx Solution

Ann Arbor, MI and Lausanne, Switzerland, February 9, 2016 — Sophia Genetics, the global leader in Data Driven Medicine (DDM), announces the launch of a new combined solution for molecular diagnostics in Europe, combining sample processing with data analysis. In an initial partnership with Swift Biosciences, a U.S.-based company, Sophia Genetics is creating a foundation of strategic
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Swift Biosciences and SeraCare Partner on Circulating Tumor DNA Standards for NGS-Based Oncology Assays

Ann Arbor, MI and Milford, MA, January 27, 2016 — Swift Biosciences, developer of innovative technologies for genomics research, and SeraCare Life Sciences, a manufacturer and leading partner to global in-vitro diagnostics manufacturers, today announce a partnership to accelerate development of a novel circulating tumor DNA reference material. Circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) detection, also called a ‘liquid
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Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute Uses Accel-NGS® 2S Hyb Kit for Effective Library Preparation for NGS Analysis of Liquid Biopsies

SelectScience, January 15, 2016 — Dr Mahmood Ayub, post-doctoral fellow in the Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology group at Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, and working under the leadership of Caroline Dive and Ged Brady, uses liquid biopsies to study blood biomarkers present in circulating, cell-free DNA (cfDNA) originating from tumors.