Accel-NGS® DNA Library Kit for Ion Torrent™

DNA Library Preparation for NGS on Ion Torrent Platforms

Accel NGS for Ion Torrent product photo

Save Time with a Simple, 2-hour Prep for Ion Torrent

Innovative Swift technology improves sample prep for NGS by expediting the process and delivering higher quality data. The Accel-NGS DNA Library Kit designed for the Ion Torrent platform is the only commercially-available kit capable of producing PCR-free libraries with as little as 5 ng of input DNA. This library kit is compatible with the following instruments: Ion Proton System, Ion PGM System, and Ion S5 System. Amplicon sequencing is the primary supported DNA sequencing application for the Accel-NGS DNA Library Kit for Ion Torrent. The kit is also compatible with nicked DNA, ChIP DNA, FFPE samples, cDNA, and other samples containing single-stranded DNA.


  • Fast 75 minute start-to-finish protocol
  • Easy streamlined 3-step protocol
  • Low 5 ng DNA input requirements


  • Reduces adapter dimer formation to maximize sequencing output
  • PCR-free to minimize base composition bias and fidelity issues
  • Compatible with nicked, damaged, and denatured samples


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