As next-generation sequencing (NGS) costs decrease and bioinformatics analysis pipelines improve, the utility of whole-genome sequencing (WGS) is ever expanding. However, as WGS sample throughput increases, preparing high-quality sequenceable libraries from a wide range of sample types in a timely manner is a bottleneck impeding sequencing productivity.

Whether you are new to NGS or your capabilities already include high throughput automated WGS, our Accel-NGS® 2S DNA Library Kits can help you maximize your data output, giving you the best genome-wide coverage of any kit on the market, and reducing your sequencing costs, while with the Swift Amplicon Sample ID Panel you will confidently track and manage samples during your human genotyping studies. Additionally, Swift is adept at making high throughput custom genotyping panels for agriculture.



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Exome and Hybridization Capture Sequencing

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Targeted Amplicon Sequencing

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