Next-generation sequencing has enabled the identification and characterization of complex microbial communities, including low abundance and unculturable bacterial members. There are two main approaches to metagenomics sequencing; shotgun and targeted. Shotgun sequencing provides the most comprehensive snapshot of microbial diversity and function, although sensitivity is influenced by read depth and the presence of host DNA contamination. Alternatively, targeted approaches provide a more cost-effective and sensitive means of analyzing microbial community structure.

Swift offers competitive solutions for both types of approaches. Swift 2S Turbo DNA Library kits provide a fast, efficient and relatively cost-effective solution for metagenomics shotgun sequencing. Highlights of the 2S Turbo Kit include enzymatic fragmentation with highly reproducible insert size and representation regardless of genome size or content. Swift Normalase™ Kits can be paired with 2S Turbo for obtaining equal representation (<10% CV) of all indexed libraries within a sequencing run.

The Accel-NGS 2S Plus DNA Library Kit is an ideal solution for preparation of shotgun metagenomics libraries from samples with limited amounts of genomic material (< 1 ng). The 2S Plus kit utilizes a proprietary adapter attachment chemistry, which minimizes bias and supports inputs as low as 10 pg. Difficult to sequence samples that are highly degraded, single stranded, or a mixture of double and single stranded (e.g. virome samples) can be prepared using our Accel-NGS 1S DNA Library Kits, which utilizes Swift’s novel Adaptase™ technology. The 1S kit is also compatible with harsher  methods required for ‘difficult to extract’ samples as preservation of dsDNA is not required. Both the 2S and 1S kits are unrivaled in preparation of metagenomic libraries from challenging samples (ref Twin study here).

For targeted sequencing, the Swift Amplicon 16S +ITS Panel profiles complex microbial samples by targeting the entire16S rRNA (V1-V9) gene and ITS genes in a single primer pool. Targeting all variable regions of the 16S rRNA gene provides more comprehensive, sensitive, and specific representation of microbial structure. The two hour workflow, from gDNA to ready to sequence libraries, and the 16S+ITS analysis pipelines that have been implemented and validated for our multiple Amplion panel, provide a complete solution to your targeted microbial studies.



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