Next-generation sequencing (NGS) of DNA extracted from metagenomic samples has enabled the identification and characterization of low abundance and unculturable bacteria within environmental samples. There are two main approaches to metagenomics sequencing; shotgun and targeted sequencing. Shotgun sequencing provides the most comprehensive snapshot of microbial diversity, although it is usually cost-prohibitive, and hindered by host DNA contamination, unlike targeted approaches, which are more cost-effective and not as affected by host contamination.

Swift offers competitive solutions for both types of approaches. Swift 2S Turbo DNA Library kits paired with the Swift Normalase™ Kits provide a fast, efficient and relatively cost-effective solution for metagenomics shotgun sequencing. While for targeted sequencing, the Swift Amplicon 16S +ITS Panel profiles complex metagenomic samples by targeting the entire16S rRNA (V1-V9) gene and ITS genes in a single primer pool, along with a simple two-hour workflow, ensuring sensitive and specific identification of a wide variety of microbes.



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