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Human mitochondrial DNA is extensively methylated in a non-CpG context

Mitochondrial dysfunction plays critical roles in cancer development and related therapeutic response; however, exact molecular mechanisms remain unclear. more >>

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Epigenetic disturbances in obesity and diabetes: Epidemiological and functional insights

Obesity and type 2 diabetes (T2D) are major public health issues worldwide, and put a significant burden on the healthcare system. Genetic variants, along with traditional risk factors such as diet and physical activity, could account for up to approximately a quarter of disease risk. more >>

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Cohesin Members Stag1 and Stag2 Display Distinct Roles in Chromatin Accessibility and Topological Control of HSC Self-Renewal and Differentiation

Transcriptional regulators, including the cohesin complex member STAG2, are recurrently mutated in cancer. The role of STAG2 in gene regulation, hematopoiesis, and tumor suppression remains unresolved. more >>

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Benchmarking protocols for the metagenomic analysis of stream biofilm viromes

Viruses drive microbial diversity, function and evolution and influence important biogeochemical cycles in aquatic ecosystems. more »

Transcriptionally active HERV-H retrotransposons demarcate topologically associating domains in human pluripotent stem cells

Chromatin architecture has been implicated in cell type-specific gene regulatory programs more »

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Dynamic Enhancer DNA Methylation as Basis for Transcriptional and Cellular Heterogeneity of ESCs


Variable levels of DNA methylation have been reported at tissue-specific differential methylation regions (DMRs) overlapping enhancers, including super-enhancers (SEs) associated with key cell identity genes, but the mechanisms responsible for this intriguing behavior are not well understood. more »

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Joint profiling of DNA methylation and chromatin architecture in single cells


We report a molecular assay, Methyl-HiC, that can simultaneously capture the chromosome conformation and DNA methylome in a cell. more »

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Distinct DICER1 Hotspot Mutations Identify Bilateral Tumors as Separate Events


DICER1 syndrome1 predisposes to a variety of cancers, including pleuropulmonary blastoma (PPB),2 ovarian Sertoli-Leydig cell tumor (SLCT),3 embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma,4 and kidney tumors.58  ] more »

Pol II phosphorylation regulates a switch between transcriptional and splicing condensates


The synthesis of pre-mRNA by RNA polymerase II (Pol II) involves the formation of a transcription initiation complex, and a transition to an elongation complex more »