• NASA genomic twin study

The NASA Twins Study

What to expect after a year in space. Space is the final frontier for understanding how extreme environments affect human physiology. Following twin astronauts, one of which spent a year-long mission on the International Space Station, Garrett-Bakelman et al. examined molecular [...]

June 7th, 2019|

Swift Biosciences Launches Swift Hybridization Capture Kits for Targeted Sequencing of Human Exome, Pan-Cancer and Inherited Diseases

(ANN ARBOR, Mich. – March 26, 2019) Swift Biosciences today announced the launch of its Swift Hybridization Capture Kits, enabling enrichment and sequencing of the human exome or subsets of disease-related genes involved in cancer and inherited diseases. Swift Hybridization Capture Kits save sequencing [...]

April 2nd, 2019|

Genome Webinar

How One NGS Core Lab Reduced Sequencing Costs with a Novel Library Normalization Kit With Mida Pezeshkian from Swift Biosciences. You can sign up for and view the Genome Webinar here. Download the presentation and see how to reduce sequencing costs [...]

April 1st, 2019|
  • Swift 2S Turbo Automation-Friendly

NEW Swift 2S Turbo DNA Library Kits

The NEW Swift 2S Turbo DNA Library Kits are a fast, efficient and cost-effective library prep solution.  Leveraging a robust enzymatic fragmentation prep and flexible indexing, you can prepare high-quality whole genome and exome libraries using a broad range of input amounts [...]

March 21st, 2019|
  • 16S Swift Amplicon + ITS panel

Swift Biosciences Launches Swift Amplicon 16S+ITS Panel

Answering Long-Awaited Need for Comprehensive, Rapid Coverage of Metagenomic Sequences by NGS (ANN ARBOR, Mich. – January 16, 2019) Swift Biosciences today announced the launch of its Swift Amplicon 16S+ITS Panel, facilitating routine NGS analysis of complex microbial samples (e.g. bacteria, [...]

February 17th, 2019|

Our Newest Publications

Microbial abundance, composition, and function in nectar are shaped by flower visitor identity Microbial dispersal is essential for establishment in new habitats, but the role of vector identity is poorly understood in community assembly and function. Here, we compared microbial assembly and [...]

February 16th, 2019|