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liquid biopsyNext-generation sequencing (NGS) is playing an increasing role in cancer detection, diagnosis, and monitoring.  Oncology-related sample types such as formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples and circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) can be difficult for NGS library preparation due to high levels of DNA damage and/or low input amounts.  Swift technologies are developed to maximize library conversion rates and make high quality libraries from these challenging samples.

As the field of precision medicine continues to grow, circulating nucleic acids have emerged as an important tool for cancer diagnostics as well as monitoring disease progression, response to treatment, and recurrence. Liquid biopsy is an alternative to invasive and at times inaccessible tumor biopsy.  Translational genomics research has made it possible to identify circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) within a cfDNA sample to diagnose and monitor disease based on specific tumor variants and/or tumor DNA methylation profiles. Liquid biopsy therefore provides critical and timely information about disease origin and progression that can be used to develop personalized treatment plans. Key to this application is the ability to confidently detect a low population of interest within total cfDNA.

liquid biopsySwift Biosciences’ Accel-NGS® 2S Kits use proprietary technology to generate libraries with low duplication rates and high complexity, even from highly damaged FFPE or low-input cell-free DNA samples.  These library prep kits can be used for whole-genome sequencing or combined with the Swift Hybridization Capture Kits for targeted sequencing to enable detection of low frequency variants down to 1% allele frequency.  Swift also offers a collection of pre-designed and customizable Accel-Amplicon™ and Swift Amplicon High Sensitivity (HS) Panels optimized for performance with short cfDNA and FFPE fragments to enable a PCR-based approach to targeted sequencing that is fast and comprehensive. Swift amplicons enable overlapping primer pairs in a single tube assay for comprehensive target coverage from lower input quantities such as liquid biopsy. Both Swift Hyb and Amplicon  targeted sequencing workflows can be used with molecular identifiers (MIDs) to enable low frequency variant detection below 1% allele frequencies.  Confident variant detection at this ultra-low level of sensitivity facilitates earlier detection of tumor growth and identification of driver mutations, information that makes the goal of early intervention and personalized treatment plans attainable.

Oncology/Liquid Biopsy


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