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NGS Library Preparation Produces Balanced, Comprehensive Methylome Coverage from Low Input Quantities


Next-generation sequencing (NGS) of bisulfite-converted DNA to detect methylation status with per-base resolution is currently restricted by input requirements, requiring at least 50 ng of DNA. This Application Note shows how the unique chemistry of the Accel-NGS® Methyl-Seq DNA Library Kit enables the construction of high complexity libraries for:

  • Genome-wide methylation analysis from 5 ng of human cell-free DNA (cfDNA)
  • Targeted sequencing of 1-100 ng of human genomic DNA using SeqCap™ Epi CpGiant hybridization capture
  • Direct sequencing of 10 ng human genomic DNA
  • Direct sequencing of 1 ng of genomic DNA from the model organism Arabidopsis thalania

By utilizing the Accel-NGS Methyl-Seq Library Kit, scientists will no longer be forced to sacrifice data when using low quantities of starting material.

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