Swift Amplicon™ HS Panels

Confident Detection of Low Frequency Variants in Liquid Biopsy Sequencing

Swift Amplicon HS Panels

Swift Amplicon HS Panels enable ultra-low frequency variant detection at and below 1% MAF from 10-20 ng of cell-free DNA (cfDNA) for Illumina® sequencers. Nucleotide errors, normally introduced during PCR and sequencing, are removed through the implementation of unique molecular identifiers (MIDs or UMIs) that uniquely label target templates during amplification.

• Sensitive and Specific robustly detect SNVs and indels down to 0.25% allele frequency
• Compatible with cfDNA and FFPE, amplifies from 10-50 ng of cfDNA
• Fast workflow, high quality data From DNA to Illumina® compatible libraries within 3 hours
• Paired Data Analysis Tools-Cloud-based or open source

Amplicon MID Limit of Detection - Swift Biosciences

Swift Amplicon HS Panels enable variant calling at and below 1% frequency, with allele sensitivity dependent on the amount of input material available and the depth of sequencing. Using 10 ng of input DNA, this assay consistently detects variants at 0.5% with a recommended sequencing depth of at least 60,000x (1M reads) prior to deduplication with MIDs and 0.25% from 20 ng of input DNA.

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