(ANN ARBOR, Mich. – January 27, 2020) Swift Biosciences, Inc (“Swift”) and Opentrons Labworks, Inc. (“Opentrons”) today at the SLAS2020 conference announce their partnership to leverage Swift’s efficient NGS library preparation kits on Opentrons’ open-source automation platform.

This partnership launches pre-scripted automation protocols for preparing DNA libraries using Swift 2S™ Turbo DNA Library Kits on Opentrons’ OT-2 liquid handler with the goal to expand into RNA and targeted sequencing workflows.

Swift 2S Turbo provides reproducible performance via a robust yet tunable enzymatic fragmentation chemistry. Each lot accompanies a CoA, stating fragmentation times to achieve 200 bp and 350 bp insert size for WGS and targeted sequencing. Combined with the Swift Deceleration Module, users can obtain longer fragments (i e 550 bp), control fragmentation time on automation platforms or adjust sample elution buffer. These unique features minimize at bench optimization and increase flexibility to various sample and workflow requirements.

This announcement follows on Opentrons’ launch of their fully automated on-deck thermocycler in Q4 2019. This new module enables biologists to keep amplification steps on-robot during NGS library prep protocols, rather than requiring they move samples to an off-deck PCR machine. This eliminates human intervention steps, removing opportunity for error while giving scientists more hands-off time.

The partners aim to fill a market gap for economic automated NGS workflows that preserve data quality, increase throughput and minimize variability and human error.

“At Swift, we specialize in high quality library preparation and have found a capable automation partner in Opentrons” said Mida Pezeshkian, Senior Product Manager. “Together, we deliver a turnkey solution with a pre-scripted liquid handler running Swift reagents at a price point compatible with core facility budgets.”

“Our goal has always been to make sophisticated biotechnology tools more accessible to more people. This means fully-automated genomics workstations that are affordable, of course, but also extremely robust and easy to use,” says Opentrons Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Will Canine. “With this workstation, labs can save 6 or more hours of hands-on time for each batch of NGS libraries they produce.”

About Swift Biosciences
Swift designs and manufactures efficient and reproducible NGS kits for routine and challenging DNA and RNA samples.
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About Opentrons
Opentrons is making automation accessible for any lab, starting with affordable pipetting robots for biologists. 

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