(ANN ARBOR, Mich. – July 18, 2018) Swift Biosciences, a leading provider of innovative library prep solutions for next-generation sequencing (NGS), today announced early access to its Swift 2S Turbo Library Kit. These new kits offer a fast, robust enzymatic fragmentation prep and flexible adapter options to produce high-quality libraries for production-scale sequencing.

With an automation friendly workflow, the Swift 2S Turbo Library Kit™ is a universal library prep kit, compatible with variety of applications such as whole genome and exome sequencing for simple and complex genomes. The kit can be paired with a comprehensive menu of indexing solutions, such as Swift’s Unique Dual Indexing or Swift’s expanded combinations up to 768-plex. It enables higher confidence data and faster turn-around for production-scale labs. Clients can choose from kits with or without Swift adapters in standard 24- or 96-reaction size kits or from our bulk packaging to have enhanced reagent lot control and flexibility.

“The Swift 2S Turbo Library Kits provide a simple, reliable, fast and economical method for optimizing libraries with diverse sample types for complex or simple genomes.” said Mida Pezeshkian PhD, Swift’s Product Manager “We’ve leveraged our high-quality library prep expertise and designed kits based on what our clients are asking for, and offering early access to this innovation.”

Key features and benefits of the Swift 2S Turbo Library Kit include:

  • Supports a wide range of input sample types including fresh and fresh-frozen tissue, genomic DNA from human or microbial samples, FFPE and PCR amplicons.
  • Requires as low as 1 nanogram input
  • Enables the fastest library prep workflow in two hours
  • Supported on 2 and 4 channel Illumina sequencing platforms

To automate this robust workflow, Swift offers field application support for streamlining the use on installed automated platforms.  Swift provides skilled personal on-site for development and training. The Swift 2S Turbo Library Kit is now commercially available.

About Swift Biosciences

Swift Biosciences is the NGS Library Prep company.  Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the company develops novel library preparation solutions for emerging applications based on next-generation sequencing, including whole genome sequencing, targeted DNA sequencing, and epigenetic analysis. Swift Biosciences’ products are designed to help customers analyze challenging biological samples faster, easier, and with greater sensitivity and accuracy, while being compatible with leading instrumentation. Swift Biosciences is the first company to offer library preparation solutions on all three major sequencing platforms, including Pacific Biosciences®, Illumina® and Ion Torrent™.

The company opened its doors in February 2010, and its product development enables new applications in multiple industries, including agrigenomics, pharmaceutical, academic, biotechnology, and oncology research fields.

For more information, visit SwiftBioSci.com and follow Swift Biosciences on Twitter (@SwiftBioSci).