(ANN ARBOR, Mich. – March 26, 2019) Swift Biosciences today announced the launch of its Swift Hybridization Capture Kits, enabling enrichment and sequencing of the human exome or subsets of disease-related genes involved in cancer and inherited diseases. Swift Hybridization Capture Kits save sequencing costs by targeting only genes of interest using a 4-hour capture, while delivering the breadth and depth of coverage required for comprehensive yet sensitive genomic profiling.

This product includes gene-specific capture probes and supporting hybridization and wash reagents, including beads and blockers. When used in conjunction with Swift’s portfolio of library preparation kits including library adapters with molecular identifiers, labs have a variety of complete workflow options to convert input DNA into targeted Illumina®-compatible libraries in a 1.5-day workflow. For example, the Swift 2S Turbo Kit + Swift Exome Panel enables a fast automation-friendly enzymatic fragmentation workflow that provides higher coverage uniformity of the exome than competitors at low nanogram input quantities.

Product Highlights:

  • Enables enrichment of the human exome or subsets of disease-related genes
    • Superior on-target performance and comprehensive coverage of human coding sequences from the RefSeq database, probes designed to version hg19
  • Saves sequencing costs
    • Pre-capture multiplexing facilitates orders of magnitude more efficient next generation sequencing by targeting genes of interest
  • Provides high quality data
    • Probes achieve deep and uniform coverage even across GC-rich regions such as first exons

The Swift Hybridization Capture Kits are currently available in a package size of 16 captures, with multiplexing of up to 12 individual sample libraries per capture (for a total 192 samples).

Applications and Sample Types:

  • Detection of germline inherited SNVs and indels
  • Low frequency somatic variant detection of SNVs and indels
  • Copy number variant detection

Compatible with the following DNA library prep kits:

  • Swift 2S Turbo and Swift 2S Turbo Flexible, for high quality genomic DNA and FFPE
  • Accel-NGS® 2S Hyb for FFPE, cfDNA, and incorporation of molecular identifiers (MIDs) for ultra-low frequency variant detection
  • Accel-NGS 1S Plus for heavily nicked or denatured samples
  • Swift Normalase for post-hybridization library normalization
  • Ligation-based library preparation kits from other vendors (not compatible with transposon-based kits)

About Swift Biosciences

Swift Biosciences is the NGS Library Prep company.  Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the company develops novel library preparation solutions for emerging applications based on next generation sequencing, including whole genome sequencing, targeted DNA sequencing, and epigenetic analysis. Swift Biosciences’ products are designed to help customers analyze challenging biological samples faster, easier, and with greater sensitivity and accuracy, while being compatible with leading instrumentation. Swift Biosciences is the first company to offer library preparation solutions on all three major sequencing platforms, including Pacific Biosciences®, Illumina®  and Ion Torrent™. Swift’s product development enables new applications in multiple industries, including agrigenomics, pharmaceutical, academic, biotechnology, and oncology research fields.

For more information, visit SwiftBioSci.com and follow Swift Biosciences on Twitter (@SwiftBioSci).