Swift Normalase™ Kits

Revolutionary Normalization Technology for NGS Libraries

Swif Normalase Kit

New! Updated normalization protocol with even lower minimum library yield (i.e. > 6 nM or >12 nM), broadening access to Normalase for all of your workflows

Swift Normalase - Library Normalization for NGS Laboratories

The Swift Normalase Kit is a novel enzymatic NGS library normalization technology that streamlines library balancing and pooling for ease of loading on Illumina® sequencing platforms.

The Normalase workflow eliminates the need for using library quantification and insert size determination to individually adjust concentrations prior to library pooling, enabling equal volume pooling for mid- to high-throughput sequencing labs.

This fast, robust and automatable workflow results in optimal cluster density and library balance and can easily be integrated into your standard DNA and RNA library preparation protocols to improve turnaround time, increase efficiency and reduce cost for NGS laboratories.

  • Save time and increase throughput: Uniform sample processing with fewer handling steps to generate balanced library representation for multiplexed sequencing.
  • Reduce sequencing costs: Improve library balancing, allow higher multiplexing per run and obtain predictable read numbers.
  • Flexible design: Compatible with div