New Swift RNA Library Kit 

Superior Data from a Wide Range of RNA Inputs

Swift RNA library kit

The Swift RNA Library Kit offers a fast, robust NGS transcriptomics workflow with optimal transcript coverage and NGS data quality from a broad range of input quantities for Illumina® sequencing platforms. Leveraging patented Adaptase® technology, this kit enables stranded RNA library construction directly from 1st strand cDNA without the requirement for 2nd strand cDNA synthesis and degradation, or template-switching methods. The kit is compatible with manual and automated workflows as well as upstream and downstream enrichment and depletion methods and supports a variety of indexing options.

  • Superior Data: High mapping rates, genes detected, and transcript coverage
  • Accommodates your Samples with a Single Kit: Consistent performance from 10 ng – 1 μg total RNA or 100 pg – 100 ng mRNA input
  • Robust Performance: Consistent libraries with minimal adapter dimers and no adapter titration required for all supported inputs
  • Save Time, Reduce Costs, Automate: Go from RNA to library in 4.5 hours; variety of index options including 96 UDIs and up to 768 combinatorial dual indexing; automation-friendly

Swift RNA graphic